This wiki can be used to schedule your class time on the library computers or laptop carts at TEMS.

Click on the calendar week you wish to view by using the links in the gray bar to the left of this screen, then choose "edit this page" to enter your name in a time slot. Please also indicate in ( ) the number of computers you will be using. Remember to save after you have edited the page.

The Library (LB1) has 35 computers. New library work space (LB2) has 30 laptops. The Aqua, Banana, Bubblegum, Eggplant, Cherry, and Purple laptop carts have 30 laptops (Banana and Bubblegum are 2 carts of 15 each). Other carts are as follows: Orange: 15 laptops; iRed, iBlue, iGreen: 30 iPads each.

In order to maximize access to all staff members, computer sign-out is limited to 6 consecutive days followed by 6 days off for others to use. This applies to the library computers, all laptop carts or any combination thereof.

Please be careful when you enter your name. If you make a mistake, you can go back and do another edit. If you notice errors on the page that concern you, please call the library. We can refresh the page as well as see who made changes and when.

First time users will need to register in order to use the calendar. To request membership, click on "join" in the upper right corner of the page. Questions, call x1211 at TEMS or stop by the library.

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Go to Enter your email address or username and click Send**. Wikispaces will send you an email that includes a link to reset your password.